Mission & Philosophy

The AWB Mission

At Acting Without Boundaries (AWB), our mission is to transform lives and build self-esteem in an empowering community of people with physical disabilities through performing arts programs that celebrate ability.

A crew of AWB actors on stage for a performance

Performing Arts Meets Ability

Creating an inclusive space where people with physical disabilities can learn and participate in the performing arts is the reason AWB was first established. Our year-round programs and workshops are designed to meet the unique needs and goals of participants, giving actors of all ages the ability to take center stage and hone their craft.

Students in a large classroom listening to a presentation by AWB members

Discovering New Abilities

Challenging our participants to discover new abilities is integral to every program at AWB. We teach performing arts skills through year-round programs that produce professional quality productions in nontraditional ways and build confidence on-stage and beyond.

Group photo of AWB actors for the show "The Three Maries: A Philadelphia Phable."

Building Community

We’re committed to fostering an inclusive community of participants and their families, volunteers, staff, board and audience members. Our workshops connect aspiring actors with physical disabilities together to sharpen their acting abilities, gain confidence in themselves, and build lifelong friendships.

Our Philosophy

We promote access, equity, and inclusion to ensure that the next generation of storytellers includes a diverse range of voices and perspectives of people with physical disabilities.

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Diversity benefits everyone

Diversity helps to promote greater understanding, empathy, and inclusion for all, making it beneficial not only to marginalized groups of people, but society as a whole. At AWB, it is our priority to elevate people with physical disabilities through inclusive, accessible performing arts programs.

Three people sitting on a balcony by the water.

Celebrating People With Disabilities

AWB uses the performing arts as a platform to uplift people with physical disabilities but we are more than that. At our core, AWB is an organization that creates meaningful change for more equitable access, inclusion, acceptance, and celebration of people with physical disabilities.

Our Core Values

From the decisions we make to who we are as a whole, our core values inspire and guide all that we do here at AWB.

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We use our imaginations, lived experiences, and teamwork to produce live and filmed performances that include dramatic arts, music, and movement.

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We provide training and disability awareness presentations to schools, universities, and cultural institutions. Through live performances and programs, we educate our audiences to see our abilities, rather than our differences.

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We feel seen and accepted by audiences and one another. By building community, providing accommodations, and fostering friendships, we create a sense of belonging for ourselves, our audiences, and our volunteers.

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We cultivate confidence through performing arts, leadership opportunities, and educational outreach. We grow in bravery, self-esteem, and independence as we learn to manage fears, advocate for our needs, and make our voices heard.

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We encourage one another and reinforce our value as important members of society. Together, we persevere through our challenges and celebrate our triumphs.

A group of AWB actors on stage rehearsing for a performance.

Join Us

AWB relies on volunteers.

The first Sunday of every month volunteers assist our actors at workshops as they learn their lines and rehearse their parts. Our most dedicated volunteers support our actors throughout the year and are a part of the yearly performance. There are opportunities for people who want a creative outlet through set design, props and costume development. Great for early teens, adults and seniors!