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Strategic Plan

Our vision

Creating equal access to the performing arts for people with physical disabilities is the platform on which AWB was built. As we look ahead to the next five years, we’ve established overarching strategies to help grow AWB programs. Download our Strategic Plan Summary to learn more about vision and strategic projects.

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We take pride in our brand, and our logo is one of our most valuable and important assets. To ensure that the AWB logo remains a strong representation of our organization, it must be presented in a consistent manner across all channels of communication.

A group of AWB actors on stage rehearsing for a performance.

Join Us

AWB relies on volunteers.

The first Sunday of every month volunteers assist our actors at workshops as they learn their lines and rehearse their parts. Our most dedicated volunteers support our actors throughout the year and are a part of the yearly performance. There are opportunities for people who want a creative outlet through set design, props and costume development. Great for early teens, adults and seniors!