AWB’s Inaugural Page to Stage Program

Christine Rouse

By Christine Rouse on April 16, 2024

This winter, actors from AWB Sr. and Inglis Residents participated in brand new program called Page to Stage. Page to Stage is a program that spans three weeks over three months where participants create, produce, and perform their own play. The idea of this program came from two Inglis residents who wanted to create their own film project. Page to Stage gives participants a unique opportunity to be creative and share thoughts with each other.

The participants learned how to write and structure and format a play correctly. They had to select cast members, work with producers, support staff, and music directors to collaborate on extensive production designs. The participants learned how to analyze a piece of text following character objectives, actions, and sub-text. They learned how to be focused on moment-to-moment acting work and making compelling choices that affect your scene partner.  

One of the highlights of the program is when the participants got to work with Michael Hollinger, an internationally recognized playwright, who helped guide them as they created and shaped the original material. The final production was entitled “A Rabbi & A Priest Walk Into A Wedding: Wedding Bell Blues.” It was a wonderful performance and it showcased the actors amazing work. 

A group of AWB actors on stage rehearsing for a performance.

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AWB relies on volunteers.

The first Sunday of every month volunteers assist our actors at workshops as they learn their lines and rehearse their parts. Our most dedicated volunteers support our actors throughout the year and are a part of the yearly performance. There are opportunities for people who want a creative outlet through set design, props and costume development. Great for early teens, adults and seniors!