Third Annual Masters

Christine Rouse

By Christine Rouse on June 15, 2021

People participating in AWB hosted the third annual Master's program.

In June AWB hosted the third annual Master’s program for adults at the Haverford Reserve in Haverford PA. The participants who took part were the actors from both AWB Sr. and residents at Inglis in Philadelphia. The four-day workshop was very exciting for many different reasons, it was the first in-person program AWB has done in a year and a half.

The workshop focuses on musical theatre. On the first day, Jennifer Huth the AWB general manager taught the history of musical theatre. She took us through the different periods of history in music. Maria Ceferatti the AWB music director taught the actors a song from the play Oklahoma.

On the second day, Terry Nolan, the co-founder and the artistic director at The Arden Theatre in Philadelphia, talked about musicals and taught the meaning of each song.

On the third day, MeLinda Tatum Kaiser taught dancing. MeLinda has worked as an independent choreographer, director, and educator in theatre and dance environments for more than 30 years in university, secondary, and elementary. She taught us ballet and we learned some dances. We also worked on singing. Neill Hartley the AWB artistic director taught us acting through singing.

On the fourth day, Neill and Jennifer talked about auditions and what is involved. The final presentation was a showcase from the actors showing their work that they learned all week. It was an amazing program and the actors enjoyed it.

The Masters program was featured on 6ABC Action News in Philadelphia.